Handwoven September/Oktober 2007

Handwoven September/Oktober 2007 (September/October 2007)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • FiberHearts: Guilds in Action
  • Hip and Handwoven: The Next Generation
  • Meet the Weavers of Estúdio 56 in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Kátia Canto
  • For Starters: Yoga Mat Carrier in Plain Weave with Weft Stripes - Sue Bleiweiss
  • Weekend Weaver Weaving on the Go: Tiny Evening Bags on a Weavette Loom - Catherine Leary, SSJ
  • Sturdy Rag Totes with Handy Inside Pockets - Dinah Rose
  • Felted Floats for Unique Pattern Stripes - Claudia Almansa
  • Recycled Sari Silk for a Tote and "Padfolio" - Sue Bleiweiss
  • Dress Up Your Electronics: Covers for a Laptop and iPod - Barbara Wainright
  • Patchwork Purses in Handwoven Silk - Diana Sanderson und Kendra Cooper
  • Farkle Game Bags in Summer and Winter - Joan Sheridan Hoover
  • Peacock Scarf in Networked Echo Weave - Barbara Elkins
  • The yarn of the hour: Silk with Stainless Steel Core for Pliable Fabrics with a Permanent Collapse - Giovanna Imperia
  • Bag Lady Exchange: An Inspiring Challenge - Berna Lowenstein
  • Studio Stuff: Studio Design Tips from Weavers Like You - Sherrie Amada Miller
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Spring/Summer '08 - Daryl Lancaster

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