Handwoven Januar/Februar 2008

Handwoven Januar/Februar 2008 (January/February 2008)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • For Starters: Crazy Twill for an Easy-To-Make Blanket - Wai-Kwan Li
  • Weave a Tapestry Bag on a Box - Sarah Swett
  • A Pile Rug in Handwoven Chenille - Ulrike Beck
  • A Winning Combination: Warp Rep and Craftsman Style - K.C. Alexander
  • One Warp, Four Rugs, Eight Looks - Rosalie Neilson
  • Coordinates for Interiors in Three Different Weaves - Deb Essen
  • Weft Rep Table Runner: Reviving an Old Weave - Tom Knisely
  • Weave with Emu Feathers for the Fanciest Fringe - Karen Richards
  • Cut Warp and Weft Floats - Kathleen Morris
  • Two Patterns for Two Scarves on One Warp - Bonnie Inouye
  • Narrow Vertical Designs in Tapestry with Needle Felting - Nancy Harvey
  • Sneak Preview! The Handweaver's Pattern Directory
  • The yarn of the hour: Self-Striping Sock Yarn!
  • Handwoven's Fabric Forecast Fall/Winter '08-'09 - Daryl Lancaster

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