Handwoven März/April 2008

Handwoven Maerz/April 2008 March/April 2008

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • For Starters: Huck Lace and Tencel are Perfect Partners - Kristin Kelley
  • Set a Spring Table with Light and Lively Linen and Lace - Tracy Kaestner
  • Lines of Lace in Linen for a Table Runner - Suzie Liles
  • Lacy Linen Table Scarf - Liz Bipson
  • Leno and Knitting Yarns for a Möbius Shawl - Lisa Nelson Raabe
  • Lace, Color, and Bamboo Yarn for Shawls and Scarves - Kate Lange-McKibben
  • Weaving as Chicken Soup - For Comfort! - Barbara Elkins
  • Make your own Warping Board - Kelly Wetzel
  • School for Weavers: A Lace Primer
  • Handwoven as Inspiration - Holly Brackmann and Students from Mendocino College
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Bamboo

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