Handwoven November/Dezember 2008

Handwoven November/Dezember 2008 (November/December 2008)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Love the Loom You're With: Weaving with Ease - Karen Piergorsch
  • What Loom is Right for Me? - Madelyn van der Hoogt
  • A Felted Bench Bag for Your Weaving Tools - Deborah Shelmidine
  • A Pincushion Necklasce for You and Your Loom - Amy Abbott
  • Piping Hot Pillows - Liz Gipson
  • Weave It on the Double, Hang It on the Wall! - Jennifer Moore
  • A Twill Color Gamp Doubles as a Cozy Studio Nap Blanket - Robyn Spady
  • Use Sectional Warping for Easy Warp Stripes - Betsy Blumenthal
  • Divine Dimity Goes Technicolor for Scarves - Sally Orgren
  • Advancing Twills on Four and Eight Shafts - Lestra Hazel
  • A Looom Story : from a Computerized Dobby Loom to a Jacquard - Sheila O'Hara
  • Corckscrew Necklace - Gudrun Polak
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Linen

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