Handwoven September/Oktober 2009

Handwoven September/Oktober 2009 (September/October 2009)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • FiberHearts Winners!
  • Get More Bang for Your Weaving Buck - Madelyn van der Hoogt
  • Stash Reduction Placemats - Laura Fry
  • A Versatile Draft for Hand or Dish Towels - Gunnel Oresjo
  • Serendipity Warps for Waffle-Weave Towels - Connie Westbrook
  • Weave Clothing on a Very Narrow Loom - Nancy McRay
  • Twill and Tencel for a Line of Luxury Scarves - Barbara Elkins
  • One Threading, Four Patterns, Four Towels - Lynn Tedder
  • Budget Bamboo Shawl - Madelyn van der Hoogt
  • Pom-Poms Add Fun to Scarves and Shawls - Barbara F. Morse
  • A Quick-and-Easy Rug with Chenille "Worms" - Su Butler
  • Ditchling Trow: Reinvent Yarn with a Spinning Wheel - Liz Gipson
  • Warp Once, Weave Two Throws - or More! - Julie McClure
  • Weave to Sell. Twill Blocks are a Weaver's Best Friend - Pattie Graver
  • The Yarn of the Hour

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