Handwoven Januar/Februar 2010

Handwoven Januar/Februar 2010 (January/February 2010)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • A Cool Weave for A Hot Pad - Marita Pennanen
  • Novelty Yarns and a Rigid-Heddle Loom - Gloria Mitchell
  • Try Something Really New - Weave with Wood! - Malgorzata Deyrup
  • Play with Layers for Doubleweave Scarves - Jennifer Moore
  • Two-for-One Scarves in Lazy, Lacy Doubleweave - Grudrun Polak
  • Try Welvet (Warp Pile) for a Lush, Plush Rug - Suzie Lilies
  • Small-Scale Velvet for an Evening Bag - Robyn Spady
  • Soft, Textured Surfaces for a Luscious Throw - Sarah Fortin
  • Dozen Roses Scaarf in Deflected Doubleweave - Karen Donde
  • Bumpy Bamboo scarves in M's and O's - Barbara Layton Rucker
  • Leaves and Berries in a Very Felty Scarf - Su Butler
  • Flower-Power Handwoven Handbags - Jill de Waele
  • The Newest Wrinkle on the Skinny Scarf - Susan Bowman
  • Weave for Sale: The Price is Right - Tracy Kaestner
  • The Yarn of the Hour: Novelty Knitting Yarns

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