Handwoven November/Dezember 2010

Handwoven November/Dezember 2010 (November/December 2010) /td>

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Slow Cloth: It's All About Process - A Gallery
  • Calling All Garment Weavers!
    A joint challenge sponsored by VÄV and Handwoven Magazines.
  • A Boundweave Rug - Tom Knisely
  • Doubleweave Rainbow Windows in Embroidery Thread - Scarf by Mary Cree Marker
  • Pearl Cotton and Overshot: A Perfect Union - Runner by Mary Berent
  • Reproduce a Coverlet That Was with Lincoln at Antietam - Rita Hagenbruch
  • Sumptuous Terry Cloth: Take it for a Spin - Rita Buchanan
  • Slow Literaturre: Stories in Tapestry - Grocery-List Tapestry by Sarah Swett
  • Pick-Up Patterning in "Mock-Satin" Damask - Decorative Pocket for a Bag by Alison Irwin
  • Tapestry Wall Dolls - Maurine Adrezin
  • Doll Dress in Sock Yarn - Hazel Spencer
  • Shaft Switching for Versatile Patterning in Taqueté - Gisela von Weisz
  • Water Lilies Fabric for a Vest - Jean Down
  • Material Matters: How Slow Can You Go? - Spinning Thoughts from Maggie Casey

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