Handwoven September/Oktober 2012

Handwoven September/Oktober 2012 (September/October 2012)

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  • Weaving to Wear - Tien Chiu, Karen Donde, Elisabeth Hill, Yvonne Stahl, Teena Tuenge and Sara Goldenberg White
    Six designing weavers share their very different approaches to garments and cloth.
  • Caring for Handwoven Textiles - Laura Fry
    Tips on TLC to ensure the health of your woven washables.
  • Designing Fabrics to Wear - Sharon Alderman
    From fiber and yarn to weave structure, planning is key to a successful handwoven garment.
  • Dressing Square - John Mullarkey and Hazel Spencer
    Two weavers prove you can make cool clothing on a square loom.

Art to Wear

  • Kasuri Dragonflies Vest - Judilee Fitzhugh
  • Bark Cloth Vest - Teena Tuenge
  • Raveling Paid Dress - Sara Goldberg White

Crafted Comfort

  • A Simple, Silky Shirt - Catherine Alter
  • My Favorite Things Vest - Janette Meetze
  • Stash Vest - Deborah Jarchow
  • Diamond Vest - Jessica Mdsen

Night on the Town

  • Inspired Vest - Yvonne Stahl
  • Bubble Wrap - Karen Donde

Fun with Fabric

  • A Child's Sleeveless Coat - Marcia Kooistra
  • Chocolate Chef's Apron - Elisabeth Hill
  • Green and gold Bracelet: Exploring Kumihimo Wire Jewelry - Giovanna Imperia

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