Handwoven November/Dezember 2013

Handwoven November/Dezember 2013 (November/December 2013)

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  • Taxonomy of Twills - Madelyn van der Hoogt
    Explore the many faces of this "most illustrious and versatile of weaves structures."
  • Understanding Color-and-Weave Effects - Karen Donde
    What can perennial favorites houndstooth and pinwheels teach us about twill-based color-and-weave effects?
  • Idea Gallery: Twill for Shape and Drape - Dianne Totten, Barbara Herbster, and Jane Patrick
    Three garments that celebrate the unique properties of twill fabric.
  • Traditions: A Gathering of Threads - Rosalie Neilson
    Kongö gumi is the handsome and handy member of the ancient kumihimo braid family.
  • North Light Illuminated - Fran Curran
    Fran tests out twills and more with North Light Fibers Forever Lace yarn.


  • Autumn Fire Runner - Jean Sparkes
  • 4-Shaft M-andW Twill Dish Towels - Robyn Spady
  • Double-Faced Twill Table Mats - Kate Lange-McKibben
  • "Test Drive" Twill Towels - Yoriko Oki
  • Elegant Gamp Lap Robe - Suzie Liles
  • Rosepath for Baby Wrap - Susan Horton
  • Sampled, Striped, and Shaded Twill Robe - Sarah H. Jackson
  • vening on Broadway Undulating Twill Bag - Marilynn Cowgill
  • Copper River Shawl- Deanna Baugh
  • Infinity Scarves in Shadow Weave and Log Cabin - Fran Curran
  • Waves of Color: Advancing Twill Scarves - Robin Lynde
  • Twill Veriations Top - Linda Williams
  • Twill Lines in a 4-spot Kongö Gumi Braid Sampler

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