Handwoven Januar/Februar 2014

Handwoven Januar/Februar 2014 (January/February 2014)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • The Lore and Lure of Silk - Nancy Arthur Hoskins
    The history of silk is woven through the history of human civilization.
  • The Discerning Weaver's Guide to Silk - Michael Cook
    Everything you need to know about reeled silk, spun silk, and what is a "denier" anyway?
  • Wearing and Caring for Silk - Susan Du Bois
    Susan dispels the myths about washing silk: It's easier than you think.
  • Magical Materials: A Profile of Lotte Dalgaard - Marion T. Marzolf
    Catching up with a remarkable Danish weaver and designer of magical textiles.
  • Idea Gallery: Working with Fine Threads - Tien Chiu and Beth Ross Johnson
    Two silk weavers share their techniques for dyeing, warping, and weaving with gossamer threads.
  • Traditions: Weaving Weft Ikat in Laos - Marilyn Murphy
    The artists of the Ock Pop Tok cooperative are preserving the ikat-weaving traditions of Laos.
  • Surprising Silks - Cei Lambert
    Cei explores the wide range of silk yarns available to today's weavers.
  • "Hit and Miss" Runner with Sari Strips - Beverly Weaver
  • Festive Dresser Scarf - Betsy Blumenthal
  • Bold Brights and Tranquil Tones: Polychrome Crackle Scarves - Susan Wilson
  • Handpainted Shawls in Silk Noil - Susan Du Bois and Sandra Hutton
  • Ombré Silk Shawl - Susan E. Horton
  • Gatsby Does the Laundry - Allen Walck
  • Little Luxuries: Silk Bag and Sachets - Tien Chiu
  • Masa's Spring Green: A Kumihimo Neckpiece - Rosalie Neilson
  • An Elizabethan Sonnet in a Shawl - Ramona Abernathy-Paine
  • Sublte Shades of Silk Top - Sarah H. Jackson
  • A Woven Wonder - Kiran Badola
  • A Riff on Weft Ikat: Clasped-Weft Scarf - Marilyn Murphy

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