Handwoven März/April 2014

Handwoven März/April 2014 (March/April 2014)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • A Waver by Trade - Rabbit Goody
    Lessons from a career in reproducing historic cloth for everything from museums to the movies.
  • A Day at the Museum - Nancy Arthur Hoskins
    Expert advice on researching historic textiles at museums near to you or around the world.
  • Weaving New Connections - Anita Osterhaug
    An Illinois guild and museum team up to connect with the community and their own creative spirit.
  • Ratios, Rationale, and Rate of Shrinkage - Srah H. Jackson
    Planning for shrinkage is a critical step in designing your own cloth.
  • The Textiles of Timberline Lodge - Anita Osterhaug
    Generations of Oregon weavers have helped to create and preserve a national treasure.
  • Idea Gallery: Unexpected Inspiration - Chrstine Carrell Livingston, Constance Hall and Suzi Ballenger
    From a Turkish bazaar to Japanese Noh theater and space-dyed socks, three weavers share adventures inspired by cloth.
  • Traditions: The Story of the Martin Brenneman Coverlet - Tom Knisely
    A Chance encounter turned Tom Knisely into a weaving history detective.
  • Happy with Hemp - Robyn Spady
    Absorbent, attractive, and environmentally friendly, hemp makes weavers happy. (And not in the way you think.)
  • Japanes Log Cabin Shirt - Diane Palme
  • Inner Lights: A Contemporary Krokbragd - Judy Ness
  • Folk Art Towels - Suzie Liles
  • Baroque Napkins - Marilynn Cowgill
  • Felt Resist Bananagram Scarf - Stephanie Sokolov
  • Bog Baby Vest - Carol James
  • Viking-Inspired Tunic - Sarah H. Jackson
  • Blue Jeans Vest - Sarah H. Jackson
  • Tarn-nation Rug - Linda Silvern
  • Koli's Scarf - Cei Lambert
  • Wandering Vine Table Runner - Tom Knisely

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