Handwoven Mai/Juni 2014

Handwoven Mai/Juni 2014 (May/June 2014)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Why Weaving is Not Like a Life - Linda Ligon
    Life, Handwoven, the universe, and everything, by the lady who started it all.
  • Improvising at the Loom - Tien Chiu
    Block weaves offer fertile ground for improvising with profile drafts.
  • Sampling by Design - Diane Palme
    How to multiply the results from your sampling experiments.
  • Warping with a Trapeze - Melodie Usher
    This handy helper makes for perfect warping, even when putting a long warp by yourself.
  • Loom-friendly Krokbragd: Designing in Boundweave - Nancy McRay
    Whether on floor loooms or rigid-heddle, krokbragd invites us to play with color and pattern.
  • Idea Gallery: In Praise of Gmps - Amanda Cutler and Susan Horton
    An epic story of producing gamping, and why a gamping is worth a thousand words.
  • Traditions: The Bauhaus and Anni Albers - Marilynn Cowgill
    In fourteen short years between the world wars, a school of design arose in Germany that was to influence the worlds of art and textiles for generations.
  • Yarn Lab: Trendsetters - Deborah Jarchow
    When the weave structure fits the yarn structure, every yarn can be a "weaving yarn".
  • Rose and Star Overshot Towels - Robyn Spady
  • All-American Towels - Tom Lipare
  • Pinwheels Redux Napkins - Christina Garton
  • Peaceful Rhythm Towels - Sarah H. Jackson
  • Little Gems Coasters - Susan Horton
  • Fresh Citrus Napkins and Tablecloth - Rebecca Fox
  • Zigzag Scarf - Deborah Jarchow
  • Northwoods Navajo-Inspired Mat - Marcella Edmund
  • Spicy Scarves - Tien Chiu
  • Sett Fiesta Runner and Shawl - Jan Josifek
  • Bauhaus Scarf - Marilynn Cowgill

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