Handwoven September/Oktober 2014

Handwoven September/Oktober 2014 (September/October 2014)

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  • Designing for Your Home - Kelly Marshall
    Weaving for your home is more than just a project. Professional weaver and designer Kelly Marshall shares ideas to mindfully beautify your surroundings.
  • Fabrics of Light: Making Handwoven Curtains - Amanda Cutler
    You can make handwoven curtains to perfectly fit your decor and any window in your home.
  • Learing to Weave Together - Deborah Chandler
    Deborah Chandler (aka Redding) looks back at thirty years of authorship and community.
  • Idea Gallery: Playing with Color and Blocks - Charlene Schurch and Lea Vennix
    A bright throw that weaves within a weave, and a simple idea for turning stripes to blocks.
  • Tintes Naturales: Rediscovering a Colorful Tradition - Deborah Chandler
    The Maya Achi women of San Rafael are learning and recovering the natural dyeing techniques their people have practiced for millenia.
  • Yarn Lab: Reflections on Absorbency - Laura Fry
    An expert on wet-finishing waxes scientific about yarn, weave structure, and what makes the best towels.


  • Dorothy's Dozen Kitchen Towels - Ellen Labruce
  • Bright Herringbone Twill Towels - Linda Gettman
  • Don't Get Bored Towels - Karen Tenney
  • Stripes and Blocks Kitchen Towels - Susan E. Horton
  • Cornucopia Placemats and Napkins - Anita Thompson
  • Fall Fiesta Placemats - Catherine Alter
  • Butterflies in Clover Table Runner - Lee Anne Wille
  • Color Combo Quilted Tea Cozy - Dorothy Solbrig
  • Peter's Apron à la Macaron - Rebecca Fox
  • Green Waffles Bath Towel - John Mullarkey
  • Perfect Marriage T-Shirt Rug - Amanda Robinette
  • Playful Bath Mat - Mary Jeanne Goss
  • Friendship Towels with Tintes Naturales

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