Handwoven November/Dezember 2014

Handwoven November/Dezember 2014 (November/December 2014)

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  • Warp Painting with a Twist - Elda Kohls
    Elda Kohls uses stenciling to produce elegant ikat effects and other surface designs.
  • The Waver of Echo and Iris - Marion Marzolf
    An intimate visit with the author, weaver, and colorist Marian Stubenitsky.
  • Tabby by Any Other Name - Madelyn van der Hoogt
    In her intimate prose, Madelyn takes us on a whirlwind tour of weaving language.
  • Weaving to Learn: A Visit with Jane Stafford - Diane Palme
    Diane Palme extolls the gifts of a weaving rereat with an extraordinary teacher.
  • Weaving as Self Expression - Jenny Plc
    SAORI teacher Jenny Pelc uses weaving to mark life passages for friends and loved ones.
  • Idea Gallery: A Thread of Drama - Ann Durham and Sally Eyring
    Two weavers trick out their looms to create dimensional textiles
  • Traditions: The Heart of the Swedish Band-Weaving Tradition - Susan J. Foulkes
    Through the efforts of visionary 19th-century educators and crafters, a joyful talk tradition is preserved for today's weavers.
  • Yarn Lab: Double Your Fun - Christina Garton
    Deflected double weave is an endlessly fascinating structure for experimenting with yarns and color.


  • Winter Sky V-Shawl - Suzie Ballenger
  • Striped Napkins with Pick-Up - Susan E Horton
  • Rose and Compass Napkins - Karen Tenney
  • Lovely Linen Fingertip Towels - Suzie Liles
  • Overshot Flowers Runner - Diane Carpentier
  • Circle Shawl - Sara Goldenberg White
  • Fringe Benefits Tunic - Sarah H. Jackson
  • Doctor Who-Inspired Scarf - Katrina King and Dave Lawrence
  • Fields of Color Rep Mats - Joanne Tallarovic
  • 3-D Band Ornaments - Judith T. Yamamoto
  • Traditions: Baltic Heart Tea Towels - Susan J. Foulkes

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