Handwoven Januar/Februar 2015

Handwoven Januar/Februar 2015 (January/February 2015)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Cotton for Handweavers - Stephenie Guastad
    Weaver and spinner Stephenie Gaustad shares the secrets of this weaver's workhorse fiber.
  • Notes from the Fell - Tom Knisely
    Thoughts about selvedges, Japanese zanshi cloth and perfect imperfection.
  • Finishing Handwoven Cotton Fabrics - Sharon Alderman
    Yes, it's washable, but cotton needs wet-finishing, too.
  • Cotton and the Industrial Revolution - Alden Amos
    Alden Amos explains how coton changed the world!
  • A Life in Bloom - Sally Fox
    One woman's quest for colorful, sustainable cotton.
  • Idea Gallery: Playing with Pattern and Color - Alan A. Luhring and Sarah H. Jackson
    Intricate patterns in miniature and color studies beyond the gamp.
  • Traditions: Cajun Cotton - Tom Knisely
    Forced from their Canadian homes, Acadian weavers forged new traditions with Louisiana cotton.
  • Yarn Lab: Born in the USA - Becky McCoy
    Made in Philadelphia, Huntingdon Mill cotton yarns are soft, warm, and luscious.
  • Iridescent Echoes Table Mats - Marian Stubenitsky
  • Bright and Handy Inkle Bags - Trudy Sonia
  • Belle Creole Bed Runner - Susan E. Horton
  • Pure Delight Towels - Deanna Deeds
  • Ragtime Remix - Carol Reinhold
  • Summer and Winter with a Twist Polka-Dot Towels - Linda Adamson
  • The Oscar Tote - Beth Mullins
  • Huck and Snuggle Baby Blanket - Kate Lange-McKibben
  • A Blouse for Susan - Sandra Hutton
  • Floating Shadow Towel - Susan Porter
  • Traditions: Cajun-Inspired Cotton Dish Towels - Tom Knisely

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