Handwoven März/April 2015

Handwoven März/April 2015 (March/April 2015)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Weaver to Weaver, the World Around - Laverne Waddington
    Weavers are linked by traditions and their insatiable curiousity.
  • Sakori: A Japanese Rag-Weaving Tradition - Amanda Robinette
    Born in the homes of poor fisherman and farmers, beautiful sakori is experiencing a revival.
  • Navajo Weaving Today - Anne Vitell
    Diné weavers renew their traditions while balancing the demands of family, work, and craft.
  • Notes From Fell: Applying the Brake - Tom Knisely
    Tom explains why and how to find the sweet spot on your loom.
  • Idea Gallery: Bringing it Home - Michael F. Rohde and Trudy Sonia
    Two tapestry weavers take inspirations from other cultures, East and West.
  • Cranbrook Schools: A Wellspring of Contemporary Design - Marilynn Cowgill
    How a Finnish weaver changed the course of American textile designer.
  • Yarn Lab: The Many Sides of Shifu - Eva Hovde Douthit
    Light-as-a-feather paper yarns turns out to be robust and beautiful.
  • Moscow Nights Tea Towels - Jenny Sennott
  • Shades of India Kitchen Towels - Sarah H. Jackson
  • Japanese Noren Door Panels - Margaret Zeps
  • Western Sakiori Scarf - Amanda Robinette
  • Broken Borders Jacket - Cathy Coatney
  • Wildfire Scarves: Colorado Shibori - Peg MacMorris
  • Baker's Bread Bag - Laura Demuth
  • Baby Wrap to Fit a Man's Wardrobe
  • A Rep Rug to Honor the Cranbrook Legacy - Tom Knisely

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