Handwoven September/Oktober 2015

Handwoven September/Oktober 2015 (September/October 2015)

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  • Weaving for Home Décor: Inspiration is Everywhere - Nancy Harvey
    A renowned tapestry artist and author explains how she designed her handwoven home.
  • Adventures in Design: Weaving Upholstery Fabric - Elyse Rogers
    How a new rug led to epic weaving and the best-dressed dining room chairs ever.
  • Notes From the Fell: Yarn Housekeeping - Tom Knisely
    The inimitable Mr. Knisely adds proactive yarn management to his bucket list.
  • Idea Gallery: Triple Deligth - Jennifer Moore
    The diva of double weave reveals her strategy for weaving triple-width cloth.
  • Boutonné: An Acadian Legacy - Sara Bixler
    Sara follows in the footsteps of French Canadian master weavers.
  • Yarn Lab: Enchanting Churro - Kimberly Hamill
    Find out why weavers throughout New Mexico have prized Churro wool for centuries.
  • Mission-Styles Dish Towels in Turned Taqueté - Sharon Campbell
  • Four by Four Towel - Mette Frokjaer
  • Fiesta in My Kitchen: A Rug from upcycled T-Shirts - Bonnie Wilker
  • Diamonds in Winter - Susan Porter
  • Easy Street Napkins and Table Runner - Jenny Sennott
  • Indigo and Alabaster Table Runner: A Napery - Beth Mullins
  • Cozy Throws for Two - Robin Lynde
  • Dukagang Pillow - Inga Marie Carmel
  • A Taos Classic Blanket - Kimberly Hamill
  • Fringe Benefits - Deni Snyder-Burton
  • Traditions: Boutonné Snowflake Pillow

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