Handwoven November/Dezember 2015

Handwoven November/Dezember 2015 (November/December 2015)

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  • Understanding Overshot - Madelyn van der Hoogt
    Learn how overshot - with only four shafts - can produce an almost infinite number of designs
  • Summer and Winter Spelled Out - Pattie Graver
    The author of Next Steps in Weaving explains this traditional weave sructure that also lends itself to striking contemporary designs.
  • Notes From the Fell: (F) is for Friendly Floating Selvedges - Tom Knisely
    Tom extols the wonders of this new-fangled innovation in weaving.
  • Idea Gallery: Less is More - Madelyn van der Hoogt and Anneke Kersten
    Take a round-robin workshop in your own studio or make a peek-a-boo "gift bag".
  • Traditions: A Shadow Weave Scarf for Ralph - Pattie Graver
    Shadow weave, introduced by Mary Meigs Atwater in the 1940s, as captured by Ralph Griswold, beloved chronicler of weaving traditions.
  • Yarn Lab. Beautiful Bamboo - Liz Moncrief
    The fiber of choice for pandas is also popular with weavers.


  • Free-Form Mermaid Scarf - Lisa Rayner
  • Color-and-Weave Scarf - Betsy Blumenthal
  • Sunny South Scarf - Debbi Rutherford
  • Turned Overshot Runner - Deb Essen
  • Patchwork Dresser Scarf - Beth Mullins
  • Bateman Boulevard Tablet Sleeve - Margaret Nichols
  • Muted Mosaic Throw - Elisabeth Hill
  • Power of Two Runner: The World of Design at Your Feet - Rosalie Neilson
  • Jeans Rag Rug with Silk Inlay - Susan Horton
  • Traditions: A Shadow Weave Scarf for Ralph - Pattie Graver

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