Interweave Knits Knitting Traditions Herbst 2012

Interweave Knits Knitting Traditions 2012

32+ classic projects



  • Triangular Snowflake Shawl - Galina A. Khmeleva
  • Persian's Walk with Faroes Shawl - Karen E. Hooton
  • A Gossamer Scarf - Inna Voltschkova
  • Virginia Woods Bellamy: Knitter and Poet - Ann W. Braaten
  • Number Knitting: The New All-Ways Stretch Method - Susan Strawn
  • A Vintage Skating Scarf and Alpine Hat

Hand & Arm Coverings

  • Bead and Lace Knitting
  • uince and Vine Half Gloves - Carol Huebscher Rhaedes
  • Fashion Forward: Detached Sleeves through the Centuries - Ava T. Coleman
  • Victorian Lace Sleeves - Ava T. Coleman
  • Traditional Lithuanian Pattern MIttens - Sonata Eidikiené
  • The Colorful and Textured Knitting of Muhu Island - Nancy Bush
  • Gloves from Muhu Island - Nancy Bush
  • Knitted Collars and Cuffs - Ava T. Coleman
  • Suffragette Collar and Cuffs - Ava T. Coleman
  • Vintage Norwegian Mittens

Feet & Leg Coverings

  • Orenburg Wedding Socks - Galina A. Khmeleva
  • Jeune Fille d'Aibling en Bavière - Donna Druchunas
  • From Weldon's: A Knitted Sock or Stocking with Provision of a Second Heel and Toe - Ann Budd

Head Coverings

  • Peruvian Knitting Right Side out - Linda Ligon
  • Knitting Notebooks from the 19th Century - Lesley O'Connell Edwards
  • Archival Knitting Notebooks: Ursula Bund Lace Edgings - Elizabeth Semper O'Keefe
  • Dear Little Baby Hat - Anne Shoring
  • Snoods through the Ages - Donna Druchunas
  • A Victorian Lace Snood - Donna Druchunas


  • Cornelia Mee: A 19th-Century Knitting Entrepreneur and Writer - Lesley O'Connell Edwards
  • Shell Knitting for a Bag in German Wool - Lesley O'Connell Edwards
  • Bead-Knittd Clasp Bags from the Netherlands - Henny Abbink, Anke Grevers, and Connie Grevers
  • A Bead-Knitted Bag - Connie Grevers
  • An 1849 Purse

Household Items

  • Simple Comforts at Dove Cottage, William Wordsworth's home - June Hall
  • Wordsworth's Knee Rug - June Hall
  • Swedish Knitting Traditions - Karin Kahnlund
  • Swedish Pillows - Karin Kahnlund
  • Miss Pruden's Lace Diary - Janet Johnson Stephens


  • Jeremina Colvin and Mary Edwards: Sharing and Creating a New Tradition - Susan A. Burden
  • A Vintage Jacket-Wrap Sweater
  • A Vintage Striped Slip-On Sewater
  • Vintage Ladey Betty Sweater
  • A Vintage Norfolk Jacket
  • A Vintage Two-Toned Sweater
  • A Vintage Little Sweater for the Little One


  • The Knitting Mania

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