Interweave Knits Knitting Traditions Winter 2011

Interweave Knits Knitting Traditions Winter 2012


Useful Articles

  • Busy Fingers: Knitting Stockings in the Civil War - Lynne Zacek Bassett
    Civil War Socks - Karin TimouCivil War Socks - Karin Timourr
  • Young People's Civil War Charity Knitting: The Alcott Connection - Joanna Johnson
    Miss March's Knitted Bandages - Joanna Johnson
  • Mathilde Saenger and Her Knitted Petticoat - Vicki Square
    A Skirt Inspired by Mathilde Saenger's Knitted Petticoat - Vicki Square
  • The Monmouth Cap - Christopher John Brooke Philips
    A Monmouth Cap for the Battle of Agincourt - Christopher John Brooke Philips
  • Granny Don's Stocking Tops - Joanne Watson
    Granny Don's Stockings - Joanne Watson
  • The Migrations and Evolutions of the Ganyes - Deb Gillanders
    A Gansey Bag - Deb Gillanders
  • Swimsuits and Swaeters: What Historians Can Learn from Knitting Patterns - Martin R. Polley
  • My Mother's Toques - Maureen McGinnis Patterson
    A Toque with Pom-Pom or a Tassel - Maureen McGinnis Patterson
  • Isabel Drusjack's Beddies - Mary Polityka Bush
    Cuffed Beddies - Mary Polityka Bush
  • An Islamic Hearts and Flowers Bag - Chris Laning
  • A 17th Century Undershirt - The Weavers' Guild of Boston
  • My Swiss Flea-Market Counterpane - Donna Druchunas
  • Carry Bags Inspired by Woven Bags of Central Asian Nomads - Sara Lamb


  • Three-Paneled Bead-Knitted Bags of Nineteenth-Century New England - R. Lee Forsythe
  • From Russia with Love: Wedding gloves for the Groom - Galine A. Khmeleva
  • Exquisite Symbolism: Norwegeian Ceremonial Cloths - Mary B. Kelly
    Tree of Life Mittens and Bold Flower Mittens - Susan Kolstad
  • Optical Illusions Mittens from Lithuania - Sonata Eidikienè
  • Stulmeni: Decorative Cuffs for Socks from Latvia - Barbara Plakans
    Kuldiga Stulmeni - Barbara Plakans
  • Lily of the Valley Hat and Wrist Warmers - Inna Voltchkova
  • A Romantic Heart Scarf from Estonia - Nancy Bush
  • Kimono Shawl with a Delicate Lace Pattern - Cheryl Oberle
  • Romshka Scarf from Orenburg - Galina A. Khmeleva


  • Vintage Inspiration for Beaded Knitting - Deborah Newton
  • Vintage Repositories
  • Dahlia Lace in Tapestry Knitting - Anna Brunton
  • Baby's Knitted Mittens - Eugenia R. Pickney
  • Knitted Bootees with Fancy Tops - Florence H. Guilford
  • Dainty Knitted Frock
  • Knitted Cap of Little Boy
  • Ready for "Toss and Tumble" - Emma L. Boardman
  • Knitted Gloves for Brother Bill
  • Mary Stuart Pattern
  • Knitted Block for a Bedspread - Elma Iona Locke
  • A Knitted Carriage-Shawl - Mrs. Jane Weaver
  • Make Your Own Knitting Needles

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