Wild Fibers Herbst 2006

Wild Fibers Herbst 2006 (Fall 2006)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • The Chant of the Male Spider
    Four male weavers from the Navajo Nation tell Torie Olson what the spirits and the spiders have told them about the Navajo tradition of weaving.
  • Treading with Alpacas
    Federal Prosecutor and former State representative William Schneider shares his unusual and remarkable experience with raising alpacas.
  • Clothing a Nation
    Amidst enormous poverty and rampant disease, Erin Rhoad discovers the spirit of weavers clothing a nation.
  • Fat and Fashionable
    Persian wool has been a staple of high fashion since the early 1900s. But at what price to the fat-tailed sheep who create them?
  • Turkmen Hats
    A vacuum flask for the head.
  • Aran Sweaters
    Lost at sea then washed ashore, is the saga of the Aran Sweater one of sadness or modern Irish folklore?
  • From Pastures to Print
    Friends in the pature and now partners in print, Ann Brown and Letty Klein talk about the josy of taking a fur sheep and converting it to fiber in their new book, The Shepherd's Rug.
  • Spindelicious
    Take the Plunge! Helpful hints for getting your favorite fleeces and sweaters washed and ready for winter.
  • Trafficking in Sheep!
    Off Broadway actress and lifelong political activist, Anne Barclay Priest looks on her career in raising sheep on an island in Nova Scotia.

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