Wild Fibers Sommer 2007

Wild Fibers Sommer 2007 (Summer 2007)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Living in a Rustler's Paradise
    John Simpson farms his 5000 merinos on his high-country sheep station, Mt. Hay in New zealand's Lake Tekapo.
  • The Bright Side of Life
    Ashford Handicrafts is a household name to handspinners around the world, but its roots are tied to a missionary nearly one hundred years ago.
  • Shear Pleasure is in Short Supply
    The decline of sheep ranches has led to a decline of barbers, opening the (barn) doors for bands of traveling blades men.
  • The Age of Discontent
    The Industrial Revolution redefined the New England workplace, and re-shaped the definition of home.
  • Spin a Yarn for ME
    Spinning guru Judith MacKenzie McCuin's new book on handspinning is a wonderful visual guide for the beginner and beyond.
  • Morehouse Farm
    A Manhatten fairy tale that takes flight in the bizarre and happily settles in the hills of the Hudson River Valley.

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