Wild Fibers Herbst 2007

Wild Fibers Herbst 2007 (Fall 2007)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • An Eye for Indigo
    After a spectacular welcoming ceremony, Torie Olson is given a rare look at the Chinese "secret" of making indigo.
  • Zati Masks - Gatekeepers to the Soul
    From her coastal Maine studio, Susan Merrill creates uniquely woven masks that can peer into the soul.
  • A Life Unraveled After Five Hundered Years
    Archaeologist Guillermo Cock believes a looted collection of mummies may alter our understanding of weaving history.
  • Buy a Possum - Save a Forest
    Kiwis may hate this desctructive marsupial, but knitters and designers have fallen in love with its fiber.
  • Not my Job
    Hunting a possum is one thing: collecting its fiber is quite another.

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