Wild Fibers Sommer 2008

Wild Fibers Sommer 2008 (Summer 2008)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Going Home to a Strange Land Located in India's High Himalayas, a new cashmere mill owned by a nomads is changing the way they do business and possibly their future.
  • Secrets of the Miao Needlewomen Torie Olson ventures to the subtropical province of Guizhou to discover that all that shines isn't silk.
  • Off the Cuff Morgaine
    Psychotherapist and peace activist Morgaine Wilder (owner of Carolina Homespun) talks about the lesser known benefits of fiber.
  • The "I" of the Needle
    Living with the factory just outside their bedroom door, Dorothy and Paul Lacy are making an impact on the way women work and live in Fenghuang.
  • A Working Habit
    Meet Mother Hildegard and Mother Mary Grace, who are servants of God as well as of their flock.
  • Rare Thoughts
    Do sheep and goats need saving?
    Margaret B. Russell takes charge of our new column on rare and endangered livestock breeds.

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