Wild Fibers Herbst 2011

Wild Fibers Herbst 2011 (Fall 2011)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Tegernsee: A Tiny Town with a Huge Secret
    Discover World War II's astonishing and deeply disturbing rabbit tale.
  • 'German German' Angora Breeders
    No longer the capital of Angora production, Germany still hosts a strong and devoted body of breeders.
  • Mollusks and Magic From Mexico
    When the tide is right men scramble by the sea gently squeezing purpuna pansa and turning the coast into a purple panorama.
  • Pat the Bunny
    Adorable, cuddle-able, and edible, the Angora above all is a powerhouse of wool (and work) for many.
  • Fiber Olympics In Santa Fe
    Once a year a phenomenal gathering of interantional artisans gather in Santa Fe for the largest Folk Art Market in the World!
  • The Waiting Room
    Spring time at the Yak Outback means yak babies, and like many mothers, YoYo prefers to have her at home - in the house!
  • Donning a Donegal Dirndl?
    Far, far away from England's legendary heaths, Waldschaf sheep are making more tweed than bratwurst.
  • On Is The Lonliest Number
    Co-authors Deb Robson and Carol Ekarius discuss how they survived a four-year project creating the fiber "encyclopedia."

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