Wild Fibers Frühjahr 2012

Wild Fibers Fruehjahr 2012 (Spring 2012)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Can Texas Soften the Tajiks?
    From Stalin to Sonora, an extraordinary saga of how Texas mohair ist chaing lives in Tajikistan.
  • Big Bucks?
    When US soldiers traded-in their wooly apparel for poyester garments, farmers in America eventually took the hit.
  • Oman? O-Man!
    Contrary to the camel's cantankerous nature, Bedouins in Oman are imbued with a soft and gentle charm.
  • Contraband Cashmere
    Tried and convicted, the "cashmere cop" strikes again.
  • I've Got the Omani Blues
    In Bahla, Oman, the indigo dyer is on the critically endangered list.
  • The Power of Djinn
    Darkened rooms with secret spirits are still part of the power of jinn that permeates the Bedouin world.
  • Evicted!
    Some females are just moody ba nature and 600-pound yak ladies are no exception.
  • It's a Wonderful Life
    Fleeting dyslexia and Arabic street signs make for an excinting trip to the Muscat supermarket.

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