Wild Fibers Sommer 2012

Wild Fibers Sommer 2012 (Summer 2012)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Norway's Long Tale of the Short-Tail
    Hilde Buer's flock of wild sheep aren't just pastoral ornaments, they represent a valuable chapter in Viking history.
  • Mary had a Little Lamb, in the Heart of New York City
    Filled with baby strollers, hot dog vendors and magicians, New York's Central Park used to be filled with sheep.
  • Laos: Land of a Million Elephants and one White Parasol
    Still rising from the ashes of near extinction, silk plays a vital role in restoring ancient traditions.
  • New York's General Assembly of Wool
    Meet the movers and ahakers of the wool world who hope to pull the wool over everyone's eyes.
  • Getting Fleeces Never Felt So Good
    Why Prince Charles fell in love with wool; a loook at the genesis of the Campaign for Wool.
  • What's My Line?
    Otto Stritzel left his mark in the pasture, do you know which one?
  • A Rude Awakening
    Chris Devaney reports on yet another encounter with Peanut, another near-death encounter, that is.
  • Dial "E" for Evacuate
    What is the statute of limitations to phone thievery, has it passed yet?

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