Wild Fibers Winter 2012

Wild Fibers Winter 2012/2012

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  • High on Alpaca
    Understanding the land and people of Bolivia's Sajama National Park.
  • Sheep Rush on Main Street
    Everyone's favorite Sunday matinee in Sun Valley, Idaho.
  • Those Were the Days
    Interweave Press founder and fiber phenomenon, Lind Ligon remembers the "good ol' days."
  • History, Heartache, and Happiness
    Life at Flat Top Sheep Ranch faces challenges from both man and animal.
  • Rethinking Priorities
    Author and rancher Diane Josephy Peavey prepares for her big move out west with a shopping trip to Bloomingdale's and some wine for safekeeping.
  • Karin's Country
    Karin Flatøy Svartstaad isn't just passionate about fiber, she is equally dedicated to the sheep that once roamed her native land.
  • Steamy Etiquette
    The nuances of nudity in Budapest.

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