Wild Fibers Frühjahr 2013

Wild Fibers Fruehjahr 2013 (Spring 2013)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Finding the Heart of Shangri-La
    The Rocking Yak isn't just a business about making yarn, it's about making yarn with a heart towards helping.
  • Holy Threads
    A century ago, a small village in Burma began weaving Buddhist robes with lotus fiber, a painstaking effort that takes one year to complete a single set.
  • Reflections of Burma
    Although tourism continues to rise, there is still plenty of local color in the hills of Burma.
  • Fibershed!
    Slow clothes not only keep you warm, they build community and a valuable way of living off the land.
  • This Little Goatie Went to Market
    It's goats galore at the weekly market in Nizwa, but that's only the beginning of life in the mountains.
  • Rare Thoughts: Old Norfolk Horn Sheep, Life Beyond the Last Breath
    Discover one breed "came back" from extinction.
  • The Perils of Luxury
    Sometimes luxury doesn't always bring happiness.

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