Wild Fibers Sommer 2014

Wild Fibers Sommer 2014 (Summer 2014)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Lambs Run Farm
    A dash of Romney, a smattering of cotwold, a little bit of mohair, and a huge helping of creativity is how Marilyn Rand makes magical and fuctional items from her spinner's flock.
  • The Warmth of The Himalayas
    A Thousand Miles of Trials and Treasures.
    Fancy silks and fancy dress only tell part of the story during Torie Olson's seemingly eternal trek across Uzbekistan.
  • Reflections on the Silk Road
    Extraordinary moments from Torie Olson's journey along the Silk Road.
  • A Man with a Plan
    After seven years in the Bolivian jungle working to eradicate drugs, Jorge del Carpio has turned his talents to spinning luscious llama yarn where the pay is less, but no one is carrying a machete!
  • Loved to Death
    Both llamas and alpacas have captured the hearts of many, but falling in love can sometimes be fatal.
  • From Sheep To Shirt
    Appalatch, an American apparel company sourced completely in the US, featuring sweaters made with the knitting machine equivalent of a 3-D printer.
  • Llama a la Cart
    One of the ultimate green machines, Niki Kuklenski talks about drifing llamas and other valuable skills these beloved creatures posess.
  • Rock on!

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