Wild Fibers Herbst 2014

Wild Fibers Herbst 2014 (Fall 2014)

Aus dem Inhaltsverzeichnis

  • Discovering Delectable Treasures in Tuscany
    Traveling through the hills of Tuscany is not only an inevitable delight to the palate, but visiting flock of Garfagnina Bianca sheep is a moment in ecstasy for the filber-ly inclined.
  • AWOL at Mount Vernon
    Amidst strict security, surveillance cameras, and formidable fencing, Washington's homestead in Fairfax County, virginia, still fell victim to a jailbraek that strangely echoed a chapter from yesteryear.
  • Abdullah and the Curse
    Traveling into the far reaches of the Moroccan Desert painted with unsettling mirages and crippling heat, Torie Olson finds herself on an adventure that soon becomes life-threatening.
  • Reflections from the Desert
    Extraordinary moments from Torie Olson's journey to Morocco.
    They are called CVM Romeldale and not only are they considered the most critically endangered sheep breed in the US, but Marie Minnich has dedicated her farm not only to saving them, but also producing the most extraordinary handspinning fleece imaginable.
  • Caught in the Merry-Go-Round of Delayed Delight
    Armed with two spinning wheels donated to the Cashmere Craft Center, Linda Cortright discovers her baggage is not only lost, but for more valuable than anticipated.
  • The Making of America's Yarn Store
    WEBS is celebrating forty years! Barbara and Steve Elkins talk with Leslie Petrovski about weaving their basement into a success.
  • Score, Please
    Momentarily stopping for gas on a mountaintop in France unexpectedly turns into a lesson in football; the only thing Europeans cared about during the early.

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